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This index is created by a group of experts under the overall coordination of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee.

It provides a general assessment of the human rights situation in Belarus and evaluates specific rights, their components, and indicators of an ideal state of human rights in three categories: social and economic rights, civil and political rights, and general human rights measures.

More about the methodology

For each component of human rights, the methodology establishes a set of ideal states. These states describe the desirable events and actions that would reflect the full realization of a component of a particular human right at both the legislative and practical levels. These ideal states are developed in accordance with the provisions of international human rights conventions, as well as the general recommendations (general comments) of the UN human rights treaty bodies.

To put it simply, the indicators specify how the ideal state should be achieved, based on international human rights standards. Experts evaluate the current situation and compare it to the ideal state, then assign a score on a 10-point scale.

The experts' evaluations are based on their own understanding of the relevant field, informed by facts and arguments. Every score is accompanied by an expert commentary. The commentary includes references to reports and studies that provide detailed descriptions of the implementation of a specific right. Methodology in detail →

We created this index for three reasons:

  1. to allow interested professionals to quickly assess the overall human rights situation in Belarus rather than gathering information from scattered sources;
  2. to demonstrate how the situation is evolving;
  3. to indicate the direction of human rights reforms that our country needs.

Индекс прав человека: обзор ситуации — 2020

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Unfortunately, due to security concerns, we cannot disclose the names of the experts who contributed to the index at this time. We will release this information once the human rights situation improves, and we are confident that individuals will not be persecuted for their opinion.

Each human right has a dedicated expert panel consisting of five to six members. An expert with relevant expertise may be a member of multiple panels.

Expert panels include recognized experts who represent human rights organizations, professional associations, research and analytical centers, non-governmental organizations, and independent experts. Experts from state bodies and businesses are not included in the panel to avoid potential conflicts of interest.